Binaural Products: How This Approach to Sound Is Changing the Audio Market

If a reader has any attention placed on the audio market, they will be well aware of how the popularity of binaural devices are increasing as audio technology begins to change. Although there are many high-end products on the market today for customers to try, nothing compares to the soothing sound of a truly binaural experience. And if you happen to fall into the category of not knowing what a binaural sound is, don’t fret! This article will shed light on what it is, how it’s used and how a customer can benefit from the products.
Binaural Audio: A Brief Explanation

As you may have noticed with your current listening device, sound is being transmitted through the speakers to both sides of your ear at the same level. While this technology has served its purpose throughout the years, audio experts and enthusiasts have longed for something more. What if we could provide a life-like experience for the user to enjoy? Have you ever noticed the small, intricate details of how sound resonates in your ear during real-life circumstances? Certain sounds fade away with distance, the vibrations move as the source of sounds shifts and the experience is very unique. Unlike the other standard products on the market, binaural headphones are played to the user on both sides of the skull and gives them a 3D version of the audio experience.

To illustrate this even further, binaural headphones, like those from Hooke Audio binaural, can playback sound individually to each ear. What this means, in simple terms, is that the experience becomes something real and life-like. Compare this to how traditional audio plays the same volume of sound in each ear and it’s easy to understand why customers are switching to the binaural experience. Binaural frequencies provide a level of immersion and depth that cannot be rivaled by modern audio devices.

Usage and Implementation

There are a plethora of ways in which binaural audio technologies are being installed in our everyday lives. For example, game enthusiasts have proclaimed their love for the technology as it gives them a greater sense of their surroundings and potential enemies. Imagine playing an online match where you could sense danger before it even presented itself to you! Similarly, some people have used unique musical patterns to play certain volumes, pitches and harmonies to each individual ear to facilitate an amazing experience.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine has shown a keen interest in how binaural beats could impact particular test subjects. In fact, their study concluded that binaural beats were so effective that they were capable of affecting the test subjects’ mood and their level of comfort and relaxation. Rhythm and musical patterns have been used for hundreds of years as a tool to sculpt and mold the mind to meet various expectations. Experts in the field have even showcased how ancient cultures could manipulate drum patterns and repetitive noises to radically shift the perception and personality of those around them.