Conversational AI Technologies Used as Chat-bots

This is technology that is used to personalize a conversation. We have gotten away from personalization. Professionalization means that with this AI technology we would have the ability to keep more customers. AI technology like Amazon Echo, Cortana, Siri, just to name a few of these.

What Does this Mean for The Human Race

Well unfortunately as with everything you have your pros and cons. The Conversational Interface Technology Platform is something that will help the human race to be more productive in the workforce and will make things easier but this means people may have to spend more time at the office since this technology can help us get more work done. Which will lead to more work hours and less time for us so we can enjoy life. Then again who knows.

Purpose of Conversational AI Platforms

This AI technology means we have come a long way with technology. With this technology it can help us to open up to new ideas for a lot of things. Like inventions; better ways to build something and by us having an open mind this AI technology may be able to help our society perform great things that could truly benefit mankind. Cortana really has great AI technology as a voice assistant. She makes it feel personalized like it’s a real person instead of a mechanical robot.

What Does this Mean for Us?

With this technology it allows us to build complete experiences. It will help us to understand the audience and what they need. It will help us to identify where you’ll have the greatest conversational impact for certain age groups. This means we are truly at a steppingstone to help mankind with the greatest journey of all. Using AI to make the journey of life better and to accomplish things that wouldn’t be possible without the help of this awesome technology we have developed as people. With this technology we have developed we are going to be on the brink of unbelievable possibilities which will help all of us to accomplish feats that wouldn’t be possible for this day and age. We have succeeded in helping ourselves with something that can help everybody no matter what they need to use the AI technology for. And with any technology you have people that will abuse that technology and use it for bad instead of using it for the right reasons.

How We Can Prosper With This Technology?

The aspirations that can be accomplished with this technology goes way beyond our understanding as a society. But with this technology it will help us as a population to go beyond what we want for our kids to attain. This technology means a new way of getting things done in this rat race world we live in. To help us to accomplish goals that we want to accomplish to help ourselves and others of the planet. Information is given to us without having to look it up. We just to have to ask our voice automated assistant.