The Basic Differences between Toaster Oven and Convection Oven

Toaster Oven vs Convection Oven

Ovens have been an integral part of our kitchen for a long period of time. This versatile appliance is used for various purposes including baking, drying, heating, grilling and several other types of cooking. Due to the immense popularity, different types of ovens are available in the market.

Toaster oven and convection oven are two of the most popular types among them. Most general people don’t know the differences between these two ovens. That’s why I wrote this article to introduce you to the basic differences between toaster oven and convection oven.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Efficiency and Space

Between these two, toaster oven is more energy efficient. It is also perfect for warming bigger size foods like bagels, muffins and croissants. Convection oven takes a lot of space on your counter. But the toaster ovens don’t require that much space.


Being powered by fans, convection ovens spread hot air evenly. As a result, these ovens are capable of heating the food faster and providing more even cooking. The toaster ovens are powered by electric coils, which take some time to heat up the food.

Cooking Time

Due to the air flow, convection ovens provide faster cooking. But various toaster oven reviews have revealed that these ovens need some time to completely prepare the food.

Economic Aspect

Requiring less time to cook, convection ovens are better in the long run. And the toaster ovens run on electricity, which saves you from gas bills. The top rated toaster ovens don’t use a high amount of energy too.

Heat Distribution

The built-in fans of the convection oven allow the heat to be evenly distributed. These ovens make sure that hot air is conveyed to all part of the food. Toaster ovens do not have any fans. Therefore, you won’t get even heat distribution from these ovens. Areas close to the coils receive the most heat in toaster ovens.

Burner Type

Most convection ovens run on burners, with a few exceptions running on electric coils. On the other hand, all toaster ovens use electric coils for providing heat.


The main advantages of convection ovens include even heating, shorter cooking time and better value for money over time.

And the best toaster oven advantages include cheaper price, compact sizing and less energy usage.

Weak Points

A major weak point of the convection ovens are their higher price ranges. This type of oven is also not suitable for preparing recipes that require moisture.

On the other hand, the toaster oven can prepare limited amount of food at a time. Other than the uneven heat distribution, this oven takes some time to heat up and cook food.

Final Words

The huge variety of available oven types often confuses the general people like us. Most of the time, we tend to fall prey into the sweet talks of the salesman, ending up with an appliance we don’t actually need.

Now that you know the differences between toaster oven and convection oven, you should be able to take a better buying decision.