What is IP Allocation?

When we talk about IP addresses, it is first necessary to know what an IP address is and why it is so important. So basically, an IP address is the first thing that comes in contact with anything in the internet world. Even when you are surfing the internet, it is your IP address that helps in identifying your device to the World Wide Web. 

Hosting plans that have shared resources come with Shared IP. In such a case, if one of the websites on the shared infrastructure gets blacklisted, even the good websites have to bear the brunt of it. Shared IP makes the issue worse, as the web identity of a blacklisted and a good website is the same. As a result, when it comes to operating a website with Shared or VPS Hosting, relying on a shared IP address can be detrimental to your website’s health. 

To avoid such drawbacks and pitfalls, we suggest that you start using an IP address that is solely dedicated to your website.

Why the Dedicated IP Allocation?

One of the reasons for allocating a dedicated IP to your website is that you are the sole owner of the IP address. This further goes to justify that nobody else has any control over your website. Apart from this, other benefits of allocating a dedicated IP to your website include:

  1. Better performance:

When your website experiences a splurge in traffic, you can rest assured that your website won’t lag. This is because dedicated IP address in VPS Server Hosting helps by enhancing the performance during heavy traffic instances.

  • SSL Certification:

Anyone that has ever hosted a website will tell you that SSL certification is one of the most important things for a website. This not only provides enhanced security to your website but also provides you with the trust of your visitors.

  • Independence:

Your website does not get affected by the spamming of some other websites, unlike in the instances of having a shared IP address. Simply put, emails associated with your website won’t get blocked or blacklisted by the actions of some other website.

Having a dedicated IP allocated to your website becomes essential when you have data-intensive and security-based websites, like an e-commerce website. Allocating a dedicated IP for your website will surely provide you with the security and enhanced performance. 

But if your requirements are less, you can surely focus on allocating a shared IP address to your website. This will help you in cutting costs. Allocating shared IP addresses is also apt for websites that are relatively new and would not have enormous traffic. It is meant for businesses that are still fresh in the market. At the same time, corporates that usually deal with e-commerce on their website would feel secure by allocating dedicated IP addresses.