Month: December 2020

4G vs 5G: Is there A Big Difference

Connectivity in the 21st century is better than it has ever been. The launch of 4G broadband connectivity affected Internet speed immensely and brought about a revolution of ideas such as the use of Uber and Lyft which may have not been possible without fast connectivity. The thought would be one of the high points of the century but technological innovation continues to grow with the passing of each day as the telecoms industry in 2018 experienced one of the newest innovations into the telecoms sphere, the 5G, there were conspiracy theories about the 5G network and how it emits materials that would lead to cancer. But this has since been debunked by the creators and scientists who have performed experiments to counter those opinions. The 5G is already being used in some major cities around and across the globe. Reading Telecom service reviews could keep you abreast of all …

Why You Should Consider Buying an iPhone 12

Does your phone take too long to respond? Does it have camera issues making the photos unclear? Does it have battery problems such that it can only hold power for 1 hour? Well, this might just be the opportune moment to upgrade to the new iPhone 12. The phone has four models to choose from: iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPhone 12 mini. With the phone, you are guaranteed improved performance, an enhanced camera, and an all-new design. If you are still not yet convinced, you should read on to understand why you need the phone.

The Stunning New Design

The iPhone 12 series has a brand new design that looks great. The design combines the iPhone 11 series with iPhone 5, whose edges are squared off. The flat squared-off edges make the phone lighter and comfortable to hold. The phones come in different colors …