Class Communication Apps Look to Revolutionize Traditional Classrooms

A revolutionary phenomenon in the field of education is classroom communication apps. Technology has been slowing integrating itself into the classroom for years now, and although most school policies still outlaw smartphones in class, many educators are using them as a keen management tool. The benefits not only simplify a teacher’s job but open up the learning environment in other ways.

Most communication apps are just that. Downloaded apps on smart devices, tablets, and even laptops that enable digital connectivity in the classroom. Universities already use them, each one marketing their own app for students. The apps are used for class discussions, announcements, grades, schedules, reading material, and for some classes even submitting assignments electronically. This gives students the ability to conduct class wherever they happen to be. High Schools have the ability to use the apps for the same purpose as well as for another one, the ability to loop parents into the equation.

Management and Education
Classroom apps definitely have the ability to enhance learning. They provide teachers the ability to upload pertinent teaching aids. Students can conduct discussions that push the boundaries of their leaning. It also affords teachers the ability to tutor at any time. No set schedule just whenever they can. This is great as it makes the classroom more fluid and allows learning to happen in real time.

Additionally, it helps teachers manage both students and parents. Fliers no longer have to be printed and sent, they can be mass communicated. Some apps even allow for permission slips to be signed and sent electronically. This dials down a lot of hassle for both sides of the equation. Some studies even show that most parents disregard printed material from school. They are more responded to emails and text messages as they have become a more centralized form of communication. Many parents have no idea about upcoming school events because they never read the fliers. Communication apps optimize this and allows parents and students to have a better understanding of schedule. It also helps with grade monitoring.

Grades can be submitted and viewed through apps, creating a portfolio student. The apps showcase problem areas, strengths, and skill set. They allow tandem focus from both teacher and parent to aid students in improving. The apps also showcase the classroom, so the parents know what the student are being taught. This helps them relate to the classroom and foster more learning at home.

In the wake of school shootings security apps have been created to provide peace of mind to students and parents. The apps create on site reporting, direct communication to security, as well as direct lines to law enforcement. This allows students and staff to respond better to emergency situations, fights against bullying, and keeps parents completely in the loop. There is current communication software that alerts parents to any situation at the school. It will beep in the event of even a fire drill. The apps give students the ability to check in so that parents know they are safe.