Easing the Pain of Digital Eye Strain with Computer Glasses

Cell phones, computer and televisions all have something in common. They are part of a new universe in which digital displays are an integral part of our lives; but while that means more fun on the go and convenience at work, spending hours each day staring into bright displays is taking a toll on our eyes. Doctors call it Digital Eye Strain.

The most common symptoms associated with this modern disorder are:

– Dry or watery eyes
– Headaches
– Blurry vision
– Increased light sensitivity
– Neck and shoulder soreness

In 2017, over 83 percent of U.S adults used digital devices for more than two hours daily with more than 60 percent reporting one or more symptoms of Digital Eye Strain. Physicians say that although these symptoms won’t cause complications or permanent eye damage, they’re uncomfortable and for some, even debilitating.

Eye strain isn’t new, but the causes of Digital Eye Strain are different than what traditionally caused tired peepers. Specialists agree these common factors are to blame:

– Extended viewing times
– Decreased blinking leading to dryness
– Glare
– Poor posture and viewing angles
– Devices with dim backlighting and less contrast between images and backgrounds

Other issues including poor workstation design, air flow from fans or air conditioners and preexisting eye problems can make symptoms worse.

Unfortunately, electronic displays offer no technology to ease the pain and it doesn’t look like it’s expected soon. To relieve symptoms, physicians suggest:

– Reducing ambient lighting when devices are in use
– Resting your eyes frequently
– Increasing text size to improve readability
– Positioning screens at optimal heights and distances
– Using glare-reducing computer glasses

While most of these remedies seem like common sense, they can be difficult to apply in a busy workplace. Using computer glasses, however, is a strategy that anyone can use.

The best computer glasses are made to both optimize your eyesight for digital viewing and reduce stress on eye muscles. By filtering out the blue light that screens emit, computer glasses decrease eyestrain. Anti-glare coating further reduces strain on the Ciliary muscle — the eye muscle that allows you see at variable distances — making extended viewing more comfortable.

If fancy new computer glasses seem like a good idea, but you just can’t see yourself in blue or yellow tinted lenses, new lens technology now offers the same capability with virtually no tint. But not all computer glasses are created equal. Whether you select a magnifying or non-magnifying pair over the counter or need prescription lenses, choose a reputable maker using the best materials and the latest science to make high-quality, effective computer glasses.

Ultimately, it falls on each individual to make the changes necessary to relieve or prevent Digital Eye Strain. Whether at home or work, you’re worth the effort. With a few simple precautions and pair of stylish new computer glasses, you will give your eyes the care they deserve and enjoy fun, productive days in comfort.