Lindstrand’s Zero Jacket, Another Protective Body Bikers Solution

Motorcycle equipment such as helmets, jackets, gloves, shoes, and others, must be worn by riders. A lot of advantages can be felt biker if using motorbike protective clothing properly, especially from the safety side. Clothing is one of the key parts that provides protection when driving motorcycles. It is a try offered by Wheels by offering to clothe with protection for riders.

Wheels present Lindstrands Zero Jacket that can provide more protection to motorcyclists. This jacket was created using fiber material to make riders comfortable while driving. The UK’s automotive clothing manufacturer features trousers and shirts that can be underwear to wear packs, jackets, or other riding clothes. As security, Wheels, and trousers are made from a Polytex material reinforced by HI-ART.

Especially for some parts such as elbow, Knee, until back there are pockets that can be filled with a protector. The protective component is guaranteed to protect its users because it uses 100 percent fiber material. Wheels markets his shirts and trousers for a price of about £209.00. As for the Protis in selling separately with vulnerable prices starting from £19.99.

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2. Free Shipping

When shopping online, the price of postage exceeds the price of the goods, and not infrequently, it can make us undo the intention of shopping. But now you no longer need to worry, Wheels has a free shipping program with a minimum purchase above £100.

3. Complete

From apparel to driving accessories, now all sorts of products you can buy in Wheels. Not only sell the vehicle, but Wheels also sells a variety of accessories and completeness of the drive with good quality well, what’s more wait? Immediately buy your driving gear at Wheelsmotorcycles.