Making the Most Use Out of Cloud Based Storage Applications

When it comes to protecting a person’s phone, icloud applications are beneficial for a number of different reasons. This application can help do things like locating a missing phone, backing up information from a phone as well as keeping free space by storing songs, videos or images to an off-site cloud storage application. However, to maximize the benefits, a few icloud tips may be in order.


In order to maximize the full benefits of using cloud storage, it will be important to make sure that the user has enough storage space. For every Apple device, the user will typically receive a free iCloud storage account with 5MB of storage. However, for most people, this storage fills up rather quickly. For a dollar per month, a person can upgrade to 50GB of storage, a person can opt for 200GB for $2.99 per month and if a person needs more storage, 1 TB of storage can be secured for $10 per month.

Extra Email Accounts

In addition to storage space, a person will also be able to open up their own iCloud email account. While too many email accounts can be confusing, having an extra email account or two is good for compartmentalizing what sort of communications go through a particular email account. Some people relegate business emails to one account and personal emails to another. If only one email account is being used, having a second one is a good idea.

Backing Up to the Cloud

While a person can store images, videos or music on the cloud, one of the most important features is that backup data for a person’s phone or tablet can also be stored in the cloud. This means that if their device is broken or stolen, and they need to replace their phone or tablet, or perhaps they have had a catastrophic error which requires them to reboot their device, their settings can be imported from the cloud once the device been rebooted or once a new device has been secured.

It’s a simple application, but it is one that has a number of different benefits. The fact is most people don’t use this application as much as it has been intended to be used. If you want to get the most out of your phone experience, making use of iCloud application is a wise thing to do.