The Importance of CCTV in the Business World

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television, a digital video camera device to send signals to the monitor screen in a particular room or place.

Installation of CCTV has the aim to monitor the situation and conditions of certain places. It functions to prevent the occurrence of a crime, and it also functions as evidence of recorded crime.

In general, CCTV is often used to monitor public areas such as city parks, banks, hotels, airports, military warehouses, factories and warehouses.

Initially, the conventional CCTV system could only take pictures or videos from CCTV cameras, then sent it via a cable to a particular monitor room. It needed direct supervision by the operator/security officer with a low image resolution and generated one image per 12.8 seconds.

Along with the rapid development of technology, many CCTV cameras are already using a much more modern technology system. Today’s digital CCTV camera systems are operated, monitored and controlled via smartphones or laptops wherever and whenever they are as long as they connect to the internet.

The development of CCTV technology is in harmony with the benefits we will get. What are the crucial benefits? Let’s look at the narrative below:

1. Increased security

Since it was first launched into the public sphere, the main function of CCTV is to increase security. The security is closely related to the prevention of criminal acts. Especially for business owners. It is highly recommended to use CCTV for the sake of comfort and safety of your business.

2. Monitor employee activities

CCTV, of course, is very capable of monitoring and overseeing the possibility of all activities that we do for public or private interests. CCTV prevents an indisciplined employee from violating any rule. Installing CCTV in business or company will be very useful for the interests of monitoring employee productivity in all sections.

3. Increase employee productivity

With CCTV, we could distinguish between high-productivity employees and low-productivity employees. The use of CCTV should not be excessive. You shouldn’t disturb the privacy of each employee.

4. Secure company assets

Business or corporate assets are very important, both small and large. With these assets, the company can operate as it should. Assets themselves consist of tangible and intangible assets. Like, buildings, cars, copyrights, cash, trademarks, etc.

Well, those are some of the important benefits of CCTV in business. You could use them as an inspiration for your business to improve quality and safety.

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