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Finding an Asphalt Paving Company

Several factors can impact the results and costs of asphalt paving. Grabbing the cheapest contractor is not always the best option when selecting an asphalt paving firm. Here are tips to help you make an educated decision:


As with car insurance, contractors often purchase the minimum coverage that state law requires. When accidents take place within YOUR property, you need to be protected as much as possible. To make this possible, your contractor must have General and Auto Liability, and Workers Compensation insurance, plus an Umbrella policy, with a minimum worth of $500,000 for every policy. For your complete protection, the contractor should be covered by General Liability and Auto Liability insurance, and Workers Compensation insurance, with an Umbrella policy, with a minimum per-policy worth of $500,000. To ensure your full protection, your prospective contractor needs Workers’ Compensation insurance, General Liability and Auto insurance, plus Umbrella coverage, at a minimum of $500,000 for each policy.


Majority of asphalt undergo repeated recycling. There are a lot of grades of asphalt, each containing a different amount of recycled material. Low quality asphalt compromises your asphalt pavement’s appearance and longevity. Choosing higher grade asphalt with a reduced amount of recycled material is always wiser.


It’s important to know the type of asphalt paving equipment used by your potential contractor? Is it great condition? Anything that breaks down often can stall the completion of your project. Also, keep in mind that asphalt can cool fast. Taking a while to install the asphalt can make your pavement look less pleasing upon completion. Well-maintained equipment is crucial to any asphalt paving project.

In any case, avoid working with anyone that does asphalt paving by hand. Asphalt paving machines usually cost higher than $100,000 because of the technology and efficiency they bring.


Is the contractor adequately staffed? A regular asphalt paving crew has about 5-8 workers, depending on the size of the project. Lack of manpower won’t only make the overall outcome suffer, but it can also cause substantial delays in the project ‘s completion.

Down Payment

Except for projects exceeding $10,000, you should not pay a contractor a deposit for asphalt paving. Most popular asphalt paving contractors have credit lines with many different material suppliers. They should never ask for any deposits from the client. With deposits, there’s a risk of funds being misused by the contractor. Unfortunately, there are contractors that spend deposits to finish other incomplete asphalt projects.

Like they always say, you get what you pay for. Your asphalt paving project definitely a long-term investment. When properly installed, asphalt paving can last for more than two decades. Trying to save a few hundred dollars for short-term benefit may cost you thousands later on. Make it a point to do some research and ask relevant questions – this will allow you to make an educated choice of an asphalt contractor.

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